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If you are interested in using the ProteOn XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System or if you wish to consult us for your research, please contact:

Dr. Ladislav Bumba

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +420 241 062 016

The ProteOn XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System is a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) optical biosensor that provides data on the affinity, specificity, and kinetics of biomolecular interactions in real-time and  label-free environment. The system generates a 6 x 6 interaction array for the simultaneous analysis of up to six ligands with up to six analytes which enables analysis up to 36 different kinetic interactions in a single run, on a single chip. While one of the interactants is immobilized to the sensor surface, the other are free in solution and passed over the surface. Association and dissociation is measured in arbitrary units and displayed in a graph called the sensogram. Biomolecular Interaction Analysis is not limited to proteins. Interactions between DNA - DNA, DNA - protein, lipid - protein and hybrid systems of biomolecules and non-biological surfaces can be investigated.

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis can be used in a number of ways.
- To identify the binding of two or more interactants to each other
- To determine the affinity of the interactions
- To measure the actual association and dissociation rates
- To quantify the concentration of one of the interactants

Key Features and Benefits of ProteOn XPR36
- 6 x 6 array design
- Real-time data acquisition
- Analysis of interaction kinetics, binding affinity, and analyte concentration
- No radiochemical or fluorescent labels needed

Number of interaction spots              36
Refractive index range                      1.33–1.37 refractive index units
Dynamic range                                   1–40,000 RU (response units)
Operating temperature range           15–40°C
Autosampler temperature range       2–35°C
Sample configuration                         72 x 1.5 ml vials
                                                            2 x 96-well microplates
CCD                                                     12-bit digital camera
Acquisition rate                                  3 Hz (3 images/sec), average 3 images/data point

Institute of Microbiology of the CAS, building L, groundfloor

The instrument is available for analysis of any biomolecular interaction for scientific as well as non-scientific purposes after previous arrangement. Do not hesitate to ask the contact person for further information.
Booking of the registered users of ProteOn XPR36 before usage is obligatory and can be done HERE.

Interaction of plant protein thaumatin with plant steroid hormone ecdysone
-collaborated with Dr. T. Macek, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Kinetic parameters

ka=3,8±2,5 M-1.s-1   
kd=2.37×10-3 ± 0,00051 s-1   

kd/ka (KD)=5.6×10-4 ± 0,000331